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    Research-informed resources for natural hazards professionals

  • 1-Pagers

    All materials here are open-source and for educational use only

    6 Lessons derived from our research on teaching risk communication.

    Shared and divergent attributes of scientists, emergency managers, engineers and communication specialists. Use this resource to understand and overcome epistemological differences.

    A succinct and comprehensive list of key features and strategies to inform science and risk communication best practice.

    Use this list of important questions to reflect on your practice during an event or during ongoing risk communication.

    The Message Box is a tool used to help distill complex information into clear, simple messages. Built by Maguida and Borrow for the Gap2.eu project. An additional description of the tool can be found here.

  • External Links

    External links to organisations and projects which have informed and supported this research

    EQC funded this research and has supported many projects which aim to improve risk and resilience to natural hazards.

    QuakeCoRE also funded this research and is New Zealand's foremost research consortium on earthquake science and engineering.

    CRNH Network

    The Communication Research and Natural Hazards network is a collective of risk and science communication researchers from NZ and Australia.